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Outlander Sport Is the Whole Package: Offering Comfort, Control, and Efficiency

2015 Outlander Sport

The Outlander Sport is a car that can do it all.

The Outlander Sport is the whole package: an attractive exterior, functional in size, and can come in four-wheel drive that can handle even the bumpiest terrains and slick roads. With so much to offer, it is hard to believe it is available all from one little SUV.

Summit Daily reports that “the Sport’s looks and interior design are quite impressive…Seating is comfortable, the straight-ahead three-knob heating and air system works like a charm and the bright, easy-to-read instruments all make it an upstanding experience.”

The driver will feel like they have full control of the vehicle, making accelerating less sensitive, and in need of a strong push on the pedal to truly make the car reach top speeds. The car also includes hand-shifting paddles on the steering wheel, which are pertinent in any sporting model.

The Outlander Sport gets an outstanding 24 mpg city and 29 when highway driving. The Sport is also offered with a manual transmission to make it feel even sportier for a small SUV. The starting price beings at $23,999. Affordable and practical? We are definitely sold on the Outlander Sport! If you are convinced then get your own model from Randall Mitsubishi today!