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Millennials and Car Shopping: A Match Made in Heaven, After All

For a moment there, we thought millennials didn’t like cars. Thanks to a report called “Millennials in Motion,” we were under the impression that these young vibrant members of society would rather walk, bike, or Uber their way around, and had very little interest in driving, owning a car, or obtaining a driver’s license. In fact, the study suggested that a growing number of millennials have a lack of interest in driving. Turns out, that report just isn’t totally true.

Millennials and Car Shopping

The one-and-only MTV did a study of its own, and found that eight of ten millennials (ages 18-34) get around by car more than any other type of transportation. In fact, millennials drive more miles per month than older generations. The study even goes so far as to say that millennials love their cars more than social media and texting (gasp!!). That’s right: 72% of millennials would rather give up texting for a week than give up their car for the same amount of time.

To come to these conclusions, the “Millennials Have Drive” study surveyed 610 millennials between the ages of 18 and 34, 400 generation X-ers, and 403 baby boomers. The study featured focus groups, virtual travelogues, one-on-one interviews, car-creation groups, deal-alongs, and expert and car dealer interviews. The study put to rest a variety of myths about millennials and car shopping.

Here at Randall Mitsubishi, we don’t deny that millennials are more environmentally-conscious than previous generations. The good news is that they still want their own cars (they just want them to have really stellar fuel economy).

For automakers, this is a huge lesson learned. The future car-buyers of America want to buy cars, even if they can’t quite afford them yet. It’s time for automakers to understand what drives millennials, and tap into those emotions. The opportunities are endless.