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Maintenance Tips: Flushing Your Radiator on a Regular Basis

Flushing Your Radiator

Taking the time to flush your vehicle’s radiator can increase its life and save you money.


The radiator is one of the most important components of your automobile, as it is used for cooling the vehicle. That’s one of the reasons you should maintain your cooling system; however, few drivers realize that it is necessary to flush your radiator every so often. When’s the last time you took care of your radiator?

Flushing your radiator is something that many people can do, but it can be dangerous or difficult if you are inexperienced with vehicles. According to wikiHow, the first step is to make sure your car is actually cool. Check the temp gauge to make sure the vehicle is not hot at all.

Next, jack up the car and locate the radiator. It is a complex network of pipes located at the front of the engine compartment, near the fan. It is usually covered by thin metal fins for protection. Look below for the coolant drainage valve.

After placing a pan below, loosen the petcock to drain the fluid (coolant should be recycled because it is toxic to animals and people). Flush the radiator with water, add new coolant, and bleed the radiator of air pockets by turning the car on and letting the coolant cycle (top-off if necessary).

Sound too complex? Bring it to the experts in our Service Department for a quick drain and refill. Flushing your radiator gets rid of clogs and old, deteriorated fluid. It also extends vehicle life and prevents dangerous overheating.

Instructions on How to Change Your Vehicle’s Oil

how to change your vehicle’s oil

An oil change doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these steps to learn how!

The importance of changing your vehicle’s oil cannot be understated. The process of changing the oil in your car helps maintain its health. However, when it comes time to do so, many people struggle with the actual process, as it can be confusing. That is why we’ve decided to assemble step-by-step instructions on how to change your vehicle’s oil.

  • Step #1: Start your vehicle so that the engine and the oil become warm, but not hot.
  • Step #2: Spread a large amount of plastic sheeting on the ground.
  • Step #3: Drive your vehicle over the plastic sheeting.
  • Step #4: Use a jack to lift your car off the ground.
  • Step #5: Set your jack stands in their proper place and lower the vehicle again.
  • Step #6: Smear new oil on your new filter’s gasket.
  • Step #7: Remove your vehicle’s drain plug to get the oil flowing.
  • Step #8: Remove your vehicle’s old oil filter.
  • Step #9: Replace it with your new filter.
  • Step #10: Install and tighten a new gasket on the plug.
  • Step #11: Add the new oil to your engine.
  • Step #12: Recycle your old oil.
  • Step #13: Use a jack to raise the car and remove the jack stands.
  • Step #14: Lower your vehicle to the ground.
  • Step #15: Clean your work area.

With that, the process of changing your vehicle’s oil will be complete! Good luck with all your car maintenance.

If the steps on how to change your vehicle’s oil sounds too intimidating, bring it in to Randall Mitsubishi. We’ll be happy to help!