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The 2015 Lancer Evolution: Going Out With a Bang

Mitsubishi Lancer

2015 will be the last model year for the Lancer.

Here at Randall Mitsubishi we couldn’t be more excited about the new 2015 Lancer Evolution. Although this will sadly be the last Evolution model to be sold in the US, it doesn’t disappoint.

According to Mitsubishi, the 2015 Lancer Evolution will be offered in two editions: the Evolution GSR and the Evolution MR. Both will feature a 2.0L I-4 MIVEC Turbo engine, paired with a 5-speed manual on the GSR and a 6-speed Twin Clutch Sportronic® on the MR.

The GSR also sports a front-mounted intercooler, Brembo ventilated disc brakes, and active front, center, and rear differentials. If that’s not enough, the exterior was remodeled with flared fenders, a large rear-wing spoiler, and an aluminum hood with heat extractor vents. It looks good both on the outside and under the hood.

The MR will have all of the GSR features, plus Bilstein struts and Eibach springs, a more subtle lip spoiler, an upgraded sound system, and chrome trim. Whether you choose the MR or the GSR, the 2015 Lancer Evolution remains an iconic car, famed for its power and handling both off-road and on the street.

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Mitsubishi Donates EVs to the Laos Government

EVs to the Laos

Environmentally-friendly, the i-MIEV will likely do well in Laos.

In anticipation of Laos’s budding economy and future predictions of its progression into the automotive industry, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has donated two vehicles to the Laos government- but the neat thing about these cars is that they are both i-MIEV models, a new type of electric vehicle Mitsubishi hopes to see tested in Laos.

The electric vehicles, or EVs, are built to be environmentally-friendly, and Laos’s large rivers serve as a perfect resource for renewable energy for such vehicles. The advancement of EVs, of course, would help to reduce CO2 emissions and lessen the amount of pollution produced by modern day vehicles in a developing economy.

So Mitsubishi wants to see where this car goes as Laos’s economy grows in the coming years, hoping to see it catch on in the market there. Mitsubishi already had their mark on Laos as a place to expand their sales back in December when they signed a contract with KLM Import-Export Sole Co., LTD., who is now their distributor in Laos, to rebuild their market in the country. There are plans to deliver more EVs and other vehicles in Mitsubishi’s line up in the future to the Laos market.

Of course, there are also a ton of great Mitsubishis still here in the states. Stop by Randall Mitsubishi to check one out today!

Formula One’s Nigel Mansell to Join the Mitsubishi Family

Mansell plans to join the Mitsubishi family by adding the best Mitsubishi models to the Mansell Collection in the United Kingdom.

Nigel Mansell will be adding Mitsubishi models to his United Kingdom dealership. (Photo Courtesy of Colin_Eric under license CC BY 2.0.

Come September 16, the Mitsubishi Motors brand will add famed former Formula One driver Nigel Mansell to its list of franchise owners. Mansell will add the automaker’s products to his family-run dealership in the United Kingdom, The Mansell Collection.

Recently opened in 2013, Mansell is ready to take his dealership to the next level by adding Mitsubishi’s models to the lineup.

“Our dealership has gone from strength to strength and the time is right to get a franchise on board. We wanted a brand that crossed a lot of boundaries of motoring and with Mitsubishi there’s something for everyone,” Mansell said.

“The most exciting thing for me is how great the Mitsubishi product is.”

Mansell’s dealership also offers customers a unique experience through “The Nigel Mansell Story” museum, which allows them to explore Mansell’s trophies and winning cars.

Mansell’s son, Leo, who manages the new dealership, said, “Mitsubishi is a perfect fit for us. The range of vehicles excites me and this is a great opportunity. Having the museum at the dealership is a real asset and it’s been a far bigger success than we imagined.”

We at Randall Mitsubishi are excited to have the racing legend join the Mitsubishi family. After all, the Mansell family knows what it takes to make a winning team.

2016 Mitsubishi Models to See Refreshed Design

Prepare yourself fro some renewal as Mitsubishi will be breahting new life into its 2016 Mitsubishi Models.

With 2015 nearly here, Mitsubishi is planning something big for its 2016 models.

As 2015 vehicles begin to roll onto lots, we waste no time getting anxious about what’s ahead for 2016. Mitsubishi has announced that 2016 will bring with it a few exciting fresh design touches. Other than that refresh, we won’t see many major re-designs or all-new vehicles in the next few years.

All 2016 models will see a new grille and front fascia, creating a more modern and unified look for the entire lineup. In addition, a new Mirage sedan is likely for 2017, and Mitsubishi executives are working with Renault, in hopes of rebadging one of their midsize sedans for sale in the U.S. as a Mitsubishi. We may see a compact car to replace the Lancer also come from Renault down the road.

The Lancer EVO is still lined up to be discontinued by the end of 2015. We can expect to see a limited production “Special Action Model,” before calling it quits on the EVO, which will offer enhanced power and performance.

One of the most exciting vehicles coming our way from Mitsubishi is the Outlander PHEV, slated for U.S. arrival in late 2015. Mitsubishi is currently trying to stay on top of Europe’s soaring demand, and we think we’ll see an upgraded second generation version by the time it makes its way into our dealerships. Keep your eye out for this one, it’s going to be a game changer.

Check out Automotive News for a breakdown of what’s to come for the entire lineup.

Here at Randall Mitsubishi, we’re excited to see what the next few years have in store. Stop in today to see our current lineup of modern, technology packed vehicles that boast impressive performance!