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New Year Resolutions for Drivers

New Year Resolutions for Drivers

Take to the road with a new set of resolutions to kick off 2017. Finding the perfect New Year’s resolution can be a struggle for many drivers. As it turns out, the right resolution could be behind the wheel of your vehicle.


  • Tires – There’s little doubt the tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, which is why maintaining them is pertinent to many. Tires that aren’t properly cared for will create decreased fuel economy, a rougher ride, and wear faster. Take a few minutes each week to make sure there’s enough tread and that the tires are properly inflated this year.


  • Idling –One good way to waste money is by idling in the driveway. Winter is cold, which causes many drivers to let their car idle in order to warm up. The popularity of remote starters certainly doesn’t help matters either. In reality, the fastest way to warm up your vehicle is to drive. Most engines are ready to roll after just one minute of being turned on.


  • Maintenance – Keeping up with routine maintenance should be high on most to-do lists. Keep your car operating at peak performance by making service appointments and consulting your owner’s manual.


We here at Randall Mitsubishi hope you try one of these New Year resolutions for drivers in 2017!

Off-Road Driving Tips: Enjoying the Outdoors

Off-road driving tips

Off-roading in your Mitsubishi can be very exciting over rough terrain!


Going off-road can be a blast, especially if you are driving a well-equipped Mitsubishi model. Each vehicle you buy from Mitsubishi comes with a range of features that make it great for hitting trails, from MIVEC engines, rigid suspensions, or intelligent all-wheel control. Aside from a great car, you should also pay attention to these off-road driving tips to ensure you have a good time on the trails.

According to Popular Mechanics, you should always read the terrain when driving off-road. Although it might be fun to plunge into the unknown, it is also incredibly dangerous. Always understand where you are going, and what the terrain is like. Unexpected dips, holes, and rocks can cause a breakdown in a moment.

Start in the proper gear. Though this might sound like a no-brainer for some, you should shift into 4×4 mode as soon as you hit the dirt. Once you get going, it can be easy to forget to switch to the proper gear. By the time you get stuck, it could be too late.

Always bring recovery gear. This includes things like a frame-mounted tow hook, rope, and a winch if needed. This will help you get out of any tough situations should you find yourself in a rut.

Bring your Mitsubishi into Randall Mitsubishi to get a routine check before you go off-roading.

Most Common Types of Vehicle Accidents

Common Types of Vehicle Accidents

Get to know these common types of accidents to help you avoid a collision.


If you could know the common types of vehicle accidents, then you might be able to avoid them better. Knowing the causes could help you stay more aware in certain situations and improve your driving technique. Here a few of the most common types of motor vehicle accidents…

Type: Rear end collision

According to the NHTSA, almost 1/3 of accidents on the road today are rear end collisions. This is an easy fix, right? Simply increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. But it’s not that easy. Distractions can nullify that extra distance. So do your best to avoid those.

Type: Animal collision

Even small animal collisions can cause damage and even cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Larger animals like deer can even total your vehicle. The trick here is to expect to see animals on the road in areas in which it is likely. At night, you can even look for illuminated retinas on the sides of the road.

Type: Side impact collision

Not only are these types of accidents common, they are highly lethal. The NHTSA found that a quarter of all passenger deaths are attributed to side impact collisions. To try and avoid these, look both ways when pulling away from stop signs and stoplights.

If you have found yourself in one of these situations and need some car service look to the service experts at Randall Mitsubishi in San Angelo, TX. We will get you back on the road quickly and efficiently!

Best Vehicles For Teen Drivers Should Be Big, Safe, And Slow

Best Vehicles for Teen Drivers

Find your teen driver the best vehicle for what they really need; safety and reliability.

So you’ve spent hours in the car with your teen driver, doing your best to praise her when she does well and gently criticize her when necessary. You’ve insisted she download an app to block texts and calls when she’s in transit. What’s the next step? Getting her a great vehicle! The best vehicles for teen drivers should have the following features according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety…


The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration both conduct extensive crash tests on every mass-produced vehicle brought to market. Make sure your child’s vehicle has good scores.


It’s not that you should give your kid an anemic ride that can’t even get out of its own way. Just make sure it doesn’t have a huge amount of horsepower. For first time drivers that don’t have years of experience on the road, that extra horsepower can be hard to handle.


The IIHS produces a list of best vehicles for teen drives. Bigger normally means safer. There are no minicars or small cars on the list. However, you will find the Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and Mitsubishi Galant on the list!

Cars 101: How to Use a Car Jack

How to Use a Car Jack

Knowing how to use car jacks is very important especially is you get a flat tire.


While using a car jack stand is pretty easy, there are also a lot of ways to do it dangerously, so it’s important to know how to use a car jack safely before you attempt it.

First, know that there’s a difference between a scissor jack and a jack stand. Scissor jacks shouldn’t be used all the time and are only for emergency situations. You should usually use a jack stand.

When you go to jack up your car, make sure you’re on a flat, level surface. Pull your parking brake up and put some kind of blocks behind the tires to keep the car from sliding backward or forward while you’re underneath it.

Position the jack under a sturdy piece of the frame, and not the outside part with paint on it. Get under the car a little and look for a divot near the wheel—that part is meant for jacks! Using two jack stands is safest. Crank them up so there’s just enough room to fit underneath and lock them. Shake the car a bit to see if it moves too much. Afterward, lower the jacks and you’re done!

For service repairs and service advice, visit the experts at Randall Mitsubishi in San Angelo!

Consider These Dog Safety Car Tips for Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Dog Safety Car Tips

Safely traveling with your dog is the best way to protect your furry friend in the event of an accident.

This month marks Responsible Dog Ownership Month, a time to reflect on what being a responsible dog owner truly entails. An important aspect of your dog’s safety is how you transport him or her in the car, which, if not done correctly, can be hazardous not only for the dog but for the driver and passengers.

Here are some ideas to keep your dog safe in the car, every time you drive:

  • Consider keeping your dog in a crate while driving, which is an incredibly effective way to reduce injury in the event of a collision.
  • If you’re taking long trips, be sure to pause at rest stops to give your dog a break, letting it stretch its legs and enjoy some fresh water.
  • Lock your windows, so that your dog doesn’t accidentally open one.
  • Never – ever – leave your dog locked in the car on a warm day. The interior temperature of your vehicle can become deadly alarmingly fast.
  • Know your dog! Some dogs are more anxious than others, and you have to respect your dog’s specific needs for a happy trip.

Do you have any other dog safety car tips? Let us know your ideas in the comments or visit Randall Mitsubishi!