The Mitsubishi with the Best Fuel Efficiency Is the Mirage

If buying a car with the absolute best fuel efficiency is your goal, then make sure you take a good look at the Mirage, the Mitsubishi with the best fuel efficiency. labels the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage affordable.

The Mirage won’t tug at your wallet as much as other cars, and it is worth it.

The Mirage boasts the highest fuel efficiency rating of any non-hybrid gasoline car in the United States with an EPA-estimated combined fuel efficiency rating of 40 mpg. The city mileage is rated at 37 mpg with the highway efficiency clocking in at 44 mpg.

What makes these numbers even more impressive is the fact that the Mirage is a five-door hatchback with 17.2 cubic feet of cargo space. So, while the Mirage is by no means a large car, if efficiency is what you want, you can still have some space to go with it.

In addition to its impressive fuel efficiency rating, the Mirage also has an attractive price tag with numbers starting at just $13,805 for the base 2015 Mirage DE with a five-speed manual transmission. That is less than you will pay for many used cars. For a Mirage equipped with the continuously variable transmission (CVT), prices start at $14,905.

Want to see how far the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage can take you? Give us a call at Randall Mitsubishi and tell us what features you want.

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