Drive Safe: 3 Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Save money and stay stress-free this holiday travel season!

Thanksgiving is nearly upon so hopefully you’ve booked your flight and made plans by now. Whether you have or not, there are still a few things you can do to make your trip smoother. Avoid getting trapped at the airport this holiday season. We here at Randall Mitsubishi has some Thanksgiving travel tips to make reaching your loved ones go much smoother!

  1. Avoid Checking Bags. Many airlines charge a fee for every bag you check. To save both time and money, pack all your essentials in a carry-on. Send the rest of your items, like clothes, to friends or family at your destination via the mail. You’re also less likely to lose your luggage this way.
  2. Arrive Early or Late in the Day. Crowds are at their peak around the middle of the day. To pass security checkpoints and reach your gate quickly, arrive early or late in the day. If you arrive early, you’ll be less likely to experience flight delays as well.
  3. Book Your Flight Early. Millions of people will be booking their flights around the holidays so you’ll need to book before the masses in order to get your preferred flight. Avoid higher ticket prices by booking early as well.

Happy travels!

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